About us

Mission of KuzbassGhiproShakht

Developing the extracting potential of the Kuznetsk Coal Basin was the mission of KuzbassGhiproShakht at the time of its establishing in the late 1950s. Its key objective was maintaining Kuzbass not only as a powerful coal and metal region but also a reliable support for the USSR industry.

Kuzbassghiproshakht functioned successfully during all those years, developing its science and technology base, working for the benefit of Kuzbass and coal industry of the Soviet Union and discovering new horizons.

The Institute successfully survived the crucial period for coal industry at the start of market-based economy and quickly found its way in new economic conditions. That is due to the Institute that regional mining industry not only stayed afloat but also expanded its potential in those hard times. That was the way KuzbassGhiproshakht established its reputation and found new partners. The new era opened up innovative science and technology opportunities for the Institute. Today KuzbassGhiproshakht is a modern high-technology Institute which functions successfully both in Russia and abroad. The range of its services deals with the whole extractive industry from geological exploration to consulting and EPCM services.

The actual mission of KuzbassGhiproshakht was finally defined both by challenges and strides. Our time-proved mission is:

The mission of OJSC Kuzbassghiproshakht is to provide clients with high-quality complex engineering services in Russia and abroad, to conduct business in a fair and responsible way, to take care of employees ensuring a sustainable long-term development of the Company.

As the time passed, the key values of the Institute were defined. They allow to conduct flawless work, fulfill the mission and reach the goals.


Efficient provision with physical resources

The Institute uses a reasonable approach to mining which leads to developing cost effective and environmentally friendly projects.

Maximum security of working conditions

Human life is a major consideration. That is why KuzbassGhiproShakht lays emphasis on miners’ safety.

Complex-analytic approach

KuzbassGhiproShakht takes full responsibility of a project, from visiting the site to searching for out-of-the-box solutions and Design Supervision.

Benefits for investors

The Institute conducts a complete analysis of the life cycle of an enterprise which gives investors a chance to see the perspectives of their investments and avoid economic losses.


The Institute aims at long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with customers.

High scientific and professional level

KuzbassGhiproShakht uses advanced scientific knowledge and innovative technologies in its work.


To use valuable experience for the benefit of the present and the past.

Global ideas

The Institute offers its services to mining enterprises all over the world which proves high efficiency, importance and variety of the services.

Following its mission and values, the institute remains one of the leaders in its field.


Human resources policy aims at preparing highly experienced, motivated staff which is involved in the working process and capable to do the tasks according to the strategic aims of the Company.


To preserve and increase our staff’s high qualification, use each employee’s abilities and skills and also enable them for future career growth.

To create up-to-date working positions and comfortable working conditions for our employees.

To form and stimulate Company business culture, which implies creating a complex of ethical and spiritual values, friendly and hospitable psychological environment.


Social policy is a part of human resources policy and it aims at providing the Company with competitive advantages in the labour market as well as creating an efficient social safety net for its employees.

The social policy is focused on providing employees with social security, encouraging them to long term efficient work in the Company. The main ways of its implementation are the following:

  • To provide benefits, indemnities and recoupments;
  • To provide material assistance of different social orientation (medical care, vacation, marriage, giving birth to a child, etc.);
  • To improve employees’ living conditions (providing interest-free loans);
  • To sign agreements on various kinds of personal insurance;
  • To hold mass cultural and sports events;
  • To hold events for the employees’ children.

The Company provides social assistance both for its employees and socially unprotected sectors of society, i.e. retired people, veterans and homefront workers.