Geological exploration

Scope of works


Planning exploration activities.



Complex topographic and geodetic (field and office study) works necessary for conducting geological exploration.



Boring all kinds of solid minerals to a depth of 1,400 m.



Drilling water wells.



Drilling geotechnical wells.



  • hydrogeology survey;
  • well-logging measurements;
  • laboratory analysis of solid minerals and underground waters;
  • analysis of coal seam gas content;
  • analysis of rocks physical qualities.


Office treatment, preparing geological data for a feasibility study;


Working out feasibility studies (in cooperation with other departments of OJSC KuzbassGhiproShakht);


Preparing geological reports with calculated reserves and reserves approbation in State Reserves Committee / Territorial Reserves Committee of Federal Agency on Subsoil Usage, Russian Federation;


3-D modelling of coal deposits, calculating the amount of reserves due to the international regulatory reports system;


Developing and conducting special complex engineering survey for underground construction works (controlled shaft drilling).


Implementing specific programmes on monitoring rock dumps flow, in particular, setting pore pressure sensors.


Development and implementation of programmes on environment monitoring (atmosphere, mineral resources, water bodies, soil, bioresources) in a mining works area.

We possess the following equipment for carrying out the tasks:


  • FORDIA Eider 1100S (Versadrill 1,4);
  • UKB-5 SH
  • GBU-5
  • PBU-2
  • MGB-50P
  • Portable motor-operated drill rigs.


  • Drilling geological wells to a depth of 1, 400 m, BQ nominal size;
  • Making boreholes of 320 mm pitch diameter;
  • Possible use of various combinations of drilling tools (NQ, HQ, PQ) for core drilling, including SSK, noncore, auger-drill, air-hammer drilling with parallel borehole wall lining ODEX.
  • Using core lifting drilling instead of noncore drilling in case of necessity.
  • Using Canadian dismountable core receivers for core drilling (SSK) allows to combine various innovative methods of hole boring (SSK, ODEX, Symetrix, CASING, ADVANCER) and make drilling 1.5-2 times more efficient as compared to common drilling methods due to cutting the time of tripping operations.

To provide the full cycle of geological exploration, we use supplementary modern equipment, car and tractor fleet KAMAZ 43118 of 6x6 driving model as well as fully equipped truck loader cranes, bulldozing kits and rippers, UAZ off -road vehicles, Gazel, Sobol’ used for immediate works.

Our storage and supply facilities together with supporting mechanical repair division (machine, turning, fabricating and fitting shops, garage, workshop, storage facilities) provide field works with complete material and technical base.

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