In 2008, according to design assignment of SDS-Ugol Holding Company, KuzbassGhiproSha-kht Engineering Institute developed an Amendment to the “Construction of Yuzhnaya Coal Mine of Kemerovo geological region" Project. In 2009, the design documentation was successfully approved by RF GlavGosExpertiza (State Expert Review Agency).

The project defined the first stage of mining op¬erations with referring to the current reserve esti¬mates report made by TKZ (Territorial Committees on Mineral Reserves), report No 929 OP dated 29 December 2007.


For the licensed area, the inferred resources are approximately 94365 thous. tons in Vladimirovskiy and Lutuginskiy coal beds (6827 thous. tones of recoverable reserves for the first stage of con¬struction).

Yuzhnaya Mine Field is belongs to Glushinskiy coal deposit near to Glushinsky, Novobalakhonskiy- II and Glushinskiy-West mining areas. As for the lo¬cation, Yuzhnaya Coal Mine is located in the Ke¬merovo area of Russian Federation. Kemerovo city is situated 20 km southwards from the minefield, Berezovskiy town is 10 km to southeast.

To ensure the annual design production capacity of 2450 thous. tones, daily output of Vladimirskiy —II coal bed should be at least 6600 tons (until the regular roof is caved, per face output will be limited to 5000 tons per day).

The design solutions on Ventilation, under-ground transportation, surface production facilities and others were delivered that they should guar¬antee safety work and productive capacity of the mine. Access to coal reserves by inclined shafts and an air hole.

Taking into consideration geological and mining conditions the Project stipulates the usage of long- wall top coal caving method.

Large cross-section tunneling in hard rocks and soils is performed with Dosco KP-21 and MK-2B road- headers. To develop in-seam entries it is designed to use HPKS and KP-21 roadheaders of Kopeyskiy machine factory.

The coal mine was commissioned in 2009.

To fit the requirements of Russian engineering design regulation documents, the main factor for face output calculation is to provide the advance of the mining face no more than 6 m per day.

The project stipulates that the extraction of Vladimirskiy and Lutuginskiy coal seam reserves can be done with one working face equipped with DBT set of longwall equipment. The output for seams will be:

  • Vladimirskiy -II coal seam - 2450 thousand tons of per year;
  • Lutuginskiy coal seam - 1400 thousand tons per year.