Geomechanical justification of quarry and dump slope stability factors


  • structural assessment of a deposit for identifying geomechanical domains and hydrogeological conditions;
  • quality assessment of initial geotechnical and hydrogeological data, development of geological exploration and engineering survey programme;
  • geomechanical field reconnaissance of open pit mines;
  • geomechanical field research, plotting, registration, database creation;
  • preparation of a rock mass studying justification conducted with geophysical methods;
  • data analysis of geophysical survey;
  • creating geomechanical models of a deposit development with its lithologic, structural and hydrogeological features and technical factors taken into account;
  • assessing stress strain behavior of quarry and dump slopes on the basis of field studies and computer modelling.


  • slope stability analysis on surface coal mines;
  • dump stability and bearing ratio analysis;
  • assessing slope stability of inclinations, stopings and earth fills during construction works, operation activities, temporary closing or dismantling major buildings, constructions and transport systems;
  • stability analysis of top soil dumps;
  • stability analysis of wastewater facility dams;
  • calculating the width of potential sliding triangle for various types of mining fleet.


  • finding engineering solutions and planning technical works for achieving more slope stability;
  • planning works on dump stability;
  • planning works on ‘pit wall-dump’ system stability
  • planning works and recommendations on deleting consequences of deformation processes (soil slips, caves, etc.) in near wall rock mass of excavations, dumps and earth fills;
  • working out recommendations for constructing a totally stable pit wall consisting of various rocks for which constant angles of highwall and bench slopes are defined in a different way.


  • working out a project on geomechanical monitoring over pit wall stability of quarries and dumps;
  • working out a deformation monitoring system for Engineering Systems Monitoring;
  • instrumental monitoring.


  • analysis of mine engineering decisions;
  • consulting services in surface mining;
  • stability check calculations;
  • consulting services in coordinating geomechanical justification of pit wall, bench and dump stability with the choice of schemes used for developing producing levels, constructing loading and permanent faces with the system of openings;
  • consulting services in defining the parameters of technological schemes in mining works at quarries with providing stability of its elements (stable slopes of benches and dump levels, safety berms occupied by mining fleet, etc.);
  • consulting services in coordinating stability growth of mining operations elements (pit walls, benches, dumps) with major technological decisions at open-pit mines.

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