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One of the main activities of JSCO KuzbassGhiproShakht is performing a full range of engineering survey. 

Modern equipment and professional attitude help to deal with survey and land use problems connected with the developing projects at a competitive price as soon as possible.     


thousand successful engineering surveys were approved by the expertise authorities


High precision and electro-optical equipment  together with modern technologies provide the projects under development with surveying data and help to conduct geodetic works at any stage of the construction process all the year round:

  • geodetic network development;

  • surface mapping and underground constructions shooting;

  • cartographic activities;

  • engineering-hydrographic works;

  • geodetic location survey;

  • as-built survey during construction and reconstruction

  • buildings and constructions’ deformation and settlement, surface changes and dangerous natural processes observation;

  • calculations of land mass volume.


Engineering geological survey is aimed at obtaining necessary and sufficient data on natural conditions of an exploring area. We possess a soil testing laboratory, production facility and long-term technical records which allow us to specify the deadline and control the process at the following stages:

  • -studying geology aspects of an area;

  • drilling engineering geological and technical boreholes;

  • analysing soil’s mechanical-and-physical properties and their corrosive effect degree on constructional materials;

  • soil field studies;

  • hydrogeological observations and underground waters analysis;

  • geophysical studies;

  • identifying geological processes (soil slips, slumps, underfloods, etc.) and foreseeing their continuation with engineering constructions involved;

  • making final and engineering reports, forwarding them for approval. 


This is a list of works which provide a construction area (zone, site, plot, motorway) hydro-meteorological conditions study and foresee their possible changes due to the connection with a project under development. The survey is aimed at obtaining necessary information for making solid design decisions.

The survey allows to estimate all the factors that can make construction works difficult, in particular, the stream and weather conditions of an explored area, its precise meteorological parameters, dangerous hydro-meteorological phenomena and processes as well as man-made and industry-related changes of climate and hydrologic conditions. 

The works need to be done for choosing the right location of a site, estimating its engineering protection from negative hydro-meteorological impact and water supply degree, developing the general layout of an area (a city or settlement), assessing the construction facilities’ impact on water and air environment, elaborating environmental actions and choosing facilities’ design.

Our experts conduct a standard engineering hydro-meteorological survey:

  • collecting, analysis and generalization of an area’s hydro-meteorological and cartographic parameters;

  • a reconnaissance survey of an area;

  • observing atmospheric elements and hydrological regime of water bodies;

  • studying dangerous hydro-meteorological processes and phenomena;

  • data office analysis defining estimated hydrologic and (or) meteorological parameters;

  • providing technical data report or statement. 


Engineering and environmental survey provides a full range of information concerning a developed area which is important for project documentation elaboration. 

The overall operations are the following:

  • chemical and bacteriological analysis of an area’s environment (topsoil, soil);

  • nuclear environment estimation;

  • geochemical survey of the air;

  • ecological monitoring;

  • hydrochemical analysis;

  • radio-frequency, vibrational and other physical measurements.

All the works are aimed at prevention, decreasing or elimination of harmful environmental impact and its low influence on society. As a result, a complete chart of an explored area is made and urban planning, pre-investment and pre-project documentation is developed on its basis. 

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