We provide:

  • obligatory design supervision over construction (reconstruction, complete overhaul, technical re-equipping, conservation or liquidation) of dangerous production facilities;

  • unforced design supervision over construction (reconstruction, complete overhaul) of safe production facilities according to a building owner or technical coordinator’s agreement.

In case a facility under construction has a valid documentation issued by an off-site design organization, we provide both design works and overall design supervision over its construction or reconstruction.   

Two stages of design supervision

At first, input materials, such as enlarged plans of mining works, the latest aerial survey data, etc. are received from a customer, examined and compared to the project documentation. Additional engineering analysis and graphical layout is done if necessary..

Secondly, design supervision experts together with a chief project engineer and experts of relevant functional departments carry out field examination. A list of experts for a particular field examination is defined in accordance with the current aims of a trip and a design supervision plan. 

Design supervision scope of works is regulated by its plan. It can be either monthly or daily and in this case it becomes a constructional supervision in the part correlating to the construction control in project and specification documentation. 

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