Our main goal is to provide a high quality service for the Bank’s customers.

National currency transactions:

  • bank account opening and maintaining for legal entities;

  • attracting monetary funds of legal entities into deposits (both on demand and for a definite period);

  • allocation of legal entities’ funds attracted into deposits, both on demand and for a definite period;

  • cash, bank-bills, payment and accounting documents collection as well as cash services for individuals and entities;

  • transferring cash assets by request of individuals without opening bank accounts.

Foreign currency transactions:

  • opening and maintaining settlement accounts in foreign currency;

  • purchase and sale of foreign currency on the interbank currency markets on customers’ request;

  • consulting services on compliance with currency legislation;

  • international accounts and guarantee facilities.

Credit granting

The priority guidelines of LLC Commercial Bank Taidon are customer lending and financing companies dealing with mineral production, manufacturing, transportation and communication. 

LLC Commercial Bank Taidon implements a credit policy based on establishing credit facilities at its own expense and the Bank’s sole shareholder. Credits are granted for the period of 3 months to 3 years.

LLC Commercial Bank Taidon implements special measures aimed at expanding its client base, in particular those borrowers working in the real economy with diversification of credit resources taken into account. Besides, the policy of minimizing interest rates is developed with the refinancing rate being considered. 

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