Rover LLC is an industrial complex providing surface and underground mining, coal processing, and it includes the following facilities:


Underground mining works within the borders of Kon’yukhtinskiy site of Berezovo-Biryulinskiy coal deposit were carried out until March 2014.
In 2015 Rover LLC decided to close the mine temporally with water flooding method due to the license expiry date. Total temporary closing period is 60 months.


Rover LLC possesses licenses for subsoil exploitation with the designated use of coal extracted in the following six areas located in Kemerovo region:
1. Open-pit mine Glushinskiy of Glushinskiy coal deposit;
2. Volkovskiy site of Glushinskiy coal deposit;
3. Scheglovskiy site of Glushinskiy coal deposit;
4. Latyshevskiy site of Kedrovsko-Krokhalevskiy coal deposit;
5. Komarovskiy site of Zmeinskiy coal deposit;
6. Glushinskiy-Severny site of Glushinskiy coal deposit.

The total design production capacity is 2.6 mln tons per year but it can increase in case there is a demand for coal.

Open-pit mining division possesses:
- administrative-household complex;
-maintenance workshop;
-dozer-transport section;
-shovels such as ESH-10/70 (5 units), ESH-11/70 (2 units), ESH-6/45 (1 unit), EKG-10 (5 units), EKG-5A (4 units), EKG-4.6B (1 unit), Bucyrus (1 unit), hydraulic shovels Hyundai (3 units), drilling rigs Sandvik (2 units), bulldozers, loaders, autograders.
- train loading depot with the capacity of about 3 mln tons per year.


There is a heading buffer store, separate water supply for technical needs, technical roads from Scheglovskiy, Glushinskiy and Volkovskiy open-pit mines.


The company possesses 2 parking garages, workshops, an amenity complex, 40 dumptrucks BelAz with cargo capacity of 40 and 130 tons.


The company possesses 2 fuel and lubricant storage depots with total storage capacity of 3000 m3, fuel station, parking garages, warehouses, a joiners workshop, an amenity complex, trucks such as KAmAZ, KrAZ, MAZ, GAZ, buses, special vehicles.


The company possesses surface electrical substation Lomovskaya 35/6 kV, 2 transformers ТМ-6300 kVA and “Verhnyaya" 35/6 kV, 2 transformers ТМ-4000 kVA, its own electric power lines, electrotechnical laboratory ETL№ 294.
Overall, 560 employees work for Rover LLC.

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