Rover LLC

Legal address:

29, Choros-Gurkina Str., Gorno-Altaisk, the Republic of Altai, 649000.

Mailing address:

14, Dzerzhinskogo Str.,  Kemerovo, Kemerovo region, 650070. 

Sole proprietorship Rover LLC was founded in 1993 and registered in the Republic of Altai by the resolution of the administration of the city of Gorno-Altaisk  No. 96/10 on August, 12, 1993.

In 1998 the company was re-registered as Rover LLC (registration No R-26 dated April, 7, 1998).

It is 18 years that Rover has been developing coal reserves at Glushinskiy, Kedrovsko-Krokhalevskiy and Berezovo-Biryulinskiy coal deposits.

The short-term perspective of the company’s development is construction of an open-pit mine at Volkovskiy site with the production capacity of 700 thousand tons of coal per year.   Engineering project plan of the area’s development has been implemented and approved by the State Expertise Authority (Glavgosexpertiza) of Russia. The project is under development at the moment. 

The company’s long-term objective is construction and commissioning Glushinskaya-Severnaya coal mine of Glushinskiy coal deposit and Komarovskiy plot of Zmeinskiy coal deposit.

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