Coal-Preparation Plants


  • Calculating indicators of processing minerals of any complexity;

  • Estimating normative losses of useful components while processing;

  • Presenting the outcomes in the form of schemes and balances.


  • Working out models for advanced mineral processing (direct and indirect hydrogenation, gasification;

  • Main and auxiliary schemes of mineral resources use.


  • Designing traffic flows consisting of various kinds of vehicles;

  • Evaluating the choice of the main plant and machinery based on the calculation data;

  • Choosing pumping equipment, pipeline systems and isolation valves;

  • Estimating supporting equipment according to the vacuum and air supply patterns;

  • Complex graphical presentation of the results which allows combining all the schemes into one for providing more information value.


  • The results of estimating the processing schemes’ impact on the environment;

  • Air protection based on developing special measures for the impact minimization and reduction;

  • Water environment protection based on developing special measures for reducing discharge into water bodies;
  • Hazardous wastes (chloride of zinc) collection, recovery and disposal.


  • Developing size control devices;

  • Using special devices for operational control over raw material indicators; 

  • Developing flexible transport systems based on full load of traffic flows;

  • Applying automation systems controlling main production facilities usage; 

  • Applying and developing nonspecific facilities capable of automatic loading regulation;

  • Automatic handling systems.


  • Stating application of nitrogen system units (п. 393 ПБ 05-580-03) using residual nitrogen for charging dump truck tyres or selling nitrogen in balloons for commercial purposes;

  • Developing schemes of rock refuse usage (in the form of filter press mud) both of pottery and building products;

  • Developing rock fines briquetting schemes.


  • Assessing various solutions at Pre-feasibility study level;

  • Conducting comparative analysis of various projects;

  • Economic assessment of a proposed variant.


Supervision over design solutions as well as fire and industrial safety at workplaces


Gaining and using progressive experience in BIM technologies with AUTODESK –INVENTOR and REVIT software package

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