Underground Mining


While doing pre-engineering work we elaborate a complex strategy of a company’s development and compare different ways of production to choose the most reasonable and effective one. During this process Russia and other countries’ experience is taken into account. 


While doing the permanent and temporary conditions feasibility studies, we perform the main tasks:

  • justification of the mining operations and designated use of the resources

  • justification of the reasonable boarders of mining allotments development

  • justification of the best possible design parameters for mineral resources calculations


We provide an integrated design of any kind of documentation which complies with all the demands, standards and regulations. We are able to do any tasks regardless to their difficulty in a short time due to our rich experience and complete professionalism. 


Using the great experience in mining companies’ work optimization, we succeed in improving the effectiveness of natural resources development at any stage, from geological exploration to industrial use.

We use software GEOVIA Surpac and MineSched for 3D modelling of the deposits and mining operations optimization.   

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