Industrial Construction Facilities


We perform the following:

  • conveyer transport optimization

  • -development of enrichment technology and natural resources processing

  • designing a wide range of non-standardized surface equipment for mines and open-pit mines (doors, gates, champfers, load hoppers, ventilation dampers, thrust reversers, ventilation folding-doors, air ducts, coal compression installations in railway open-top wagons, irrigation installations in railway open-top wagons, dust-exhaust system installations, gate chambers, shaft mouth water-proofing valves, monorail track installation, bracketed board gates, conveying belts, etc.)

  • estimation, designing and constructing rigid equipment in vertical shafts

  • justification of the chosen equipment (capacity calculations, specifications, etc.)

  • estimation of industrial facilities according to fire and explosion-fire hazard parameters

  • speed-time-distance calculations for any kinds of conveyers

  • calculations of air pollutants’ specific and overall emissions during coal burning and mining operations at collieries

  • designing garages, repair and warehouse complexes, workshops for open-pit dump trucks, tractors and dozers fleet

  • designing open and closed equipment depots

  • designing pithead buildings

  • designing diesel-powered monorail locomotives and monorails on mining surface

  • designing crushing and grading complexes and loading depots for open-top railway wagons

  • designing powder magazines, fuel and lubricant warehouses and petrol filling stations

  • designing weight modules for open-cast vehicles

  • designing diesel houses for railway transport

  • designing fire-departments and fire posts buildings  

  • planning vertical machines (multirope, unbalanced and bucket hoistings)

  • engineering design of vertical shaft equipment

  • cyclical-and-continuous method of conveyer transport

  • fuel supply and ash disposal equipment for boiler houses


  • Assessing quality indicators of the coal extracted in a mine or an open-pit mine

  • Assessing volume and quality indicators of the goods supplied to customers

  • Technological circuit design of surface facilities used for coal, breakstone and other mineral resources processing. 


OJSC  KuzbassGhiproShakht accomplishes the following design works:

  • Designing fan installations for main ventilation

  • Designing vacuum-pump stations

  • Designing mine winding plants including those with multirope systems

  • Designing mine water-drainage installations of any capacity including those with submersible pumpsets

Over the past few years, a lot of difficult project works on construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of collieries have been done and all of them were approved by Glavgosexpertiza of Russia (State Expertise Authority). As well as developing projects, the experts of Open Joint Stock Company KuzbassGhiproShakht support a Customer on all the stages, from collecting initial data to construction facilities implementation. Besides, they perform designer supervision which implies control over facilities construction in accordance with project documentation and current code of practice.

Our company offers both individual and exclusive projects that will be absolutely appropriate for every facility and follow current codes, regulations and standards.  

These are the facilities for which OJSC KuzbassGhiproShakht has produced documentation during the last two years:

  • Forced-draft fan installation VDK-10-№ 36 for OJSC Management Company  Sibirskaya of Uval’naya mine which is under construction;
  • Forced-draft fan installation АВМ-22/14 for a new deposit being developed by LLC Management Company Mezhegeiugol;
  • Gas-drainage MDU-180RV for OJSC Koks of Butovskaya mine;
  • Gas-drainage PGM-Lennetal for CJSC (Close Joint-Stock Company) Raspadskaya Mining Company of Raspadskaya-Koksovaya mine;
  • Hauling engine 2JK-5×2.4E Tyazhmash TSZUI (made in China) and fan installation VDK -10-№ 40 (KANAM made in China) for Butovskaya mine (OJSC Koks).

Products by OJSC KuzbassGhiproShakht are widely acknowledged both at the home and international markets. An example of an international cooperation is the development of facilities design documentation for Mao Khe Coal Mine, Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 


  • Designing disposal facilities of utility fluids

  • Designing disposal facilities of flood runoffs

  • Designing disposal facilities of mine and open-cast waters


  • purification plants

  • engine houses

  • fire and irrigation water supply in stopes

  • external and internal fire extinction system for surface facilities


  • water (steam) boilers with boiler units working with different kinds of fuel (coal, gas, massut / heating oil, diesel gas oil, residuals)

  • industrial hot-air installations with the capacity of 2.5-50 MMkcal/hr

  • water boilers using heat pump units

  • heat supply stations and heating water converter plants


Designing hydraulicking during open casting and pit sump



  • water and sanitation system 

  • heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems

  • energy supply system

  • low current systems


  • water and sanitation system

  • storm sewer system

  • heat supply networks

  • heat traces and process pipes

  • energy supply system

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