Company History


Detailed drawings for the construction of vertical shafts, pit-bottom workings, surface technical complex of the main and auxiliary shafts at Mao Khe mine, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, were made.


Geological exploration department with proper base and complete equipment fleet was built.

The design documentation of mining and transportation systems modification in Stepnoy open-pit mine, the Republic of Khakassia, was developed. Pervomayskiy open-pit mine in Prokopyevskiy district of Kemerovo region was commissioned as per the Institute’s project.


A new secondary general education school, built as per the Institute’s project, opened in a new housing estate in Kemerovo. The project represents a new building system with a Belorussian technology used, translucent constructions, corner windows and atrium space. There are interactive whiteboards and projection devices in 48 classrooms. The school is equipped with all the facilities (classrooms, halls, sites) necessary for children’s creative and physical development.


The Institute elaborated “The strategy of coal mining industry development in Kuzbass until 2025” in cooperation with the Regional Administration by the Governor’s order and within the framework of “Programme of long-term development of Russian coal industry until 2030”.

Baikaimskaya mine (within the boarders of the mining allotment belonging to Mokhovskiy open-pit mine branch) and Yuzhnaya mine, which is 10 km away from the town of Beryozovskiy, were commissioned as per the design projects made by OJSC KuzbassGhiproShakht.


A great amount of project design work was completed in the 12th and 14th housing estates in Kemerovo under the national project “Affordable and comfortable housing for Russian citizens”


A programme of closing down highly dangerous and unprofitable coal mines in Kemerovo region was designed and implemented. The Institute completed 36 out of 43 tasks on closing down coal mines and open pit mines under the programme by that time. Considerable attention was paid to the employees’ social security, including resettling people from dilapidated housing. Reconstruction and facilities construction plans for Kemerovo and Anzhero-Sudzhensk were elaborated in connection with the balance disposal from the mines to the towns.


Zadubrovskiy open-pit mine was commissioned as per the project completed by Kuzbass GhiproShakht.


The general development plan of a coal basin in Mozambique was elaborated and an open pit mine design was completed.


The first international contract for open-pit mine design (Socialist Republic of Vietnam) was signed.


Original technical solutions concerning the usage of environmentally friendly resources saving technologies of overburden disposal with the help of hydraulic transport were developed and implemented .


The first project in complex services related to geological exploration at Maghistralniy site of OJSC SUEK-Kuzbass was started.

This was the 55-th anniversary of OJSC KuzbassGhiproShakht which accounted for 450 employees. 14 mines and open-pit mines were commissioned , 17 mines and open-pit mines were reconstructed, tens of substations, hundreds of kilometers of motorways, railways and electric power lines were built since 2000.

Butovskaya mine in the city of Kemerovo was commissioned as per the Institute’s project. The design documentation for constructing LLC Mezhegeiugol Mining complex in Republic of Tyva as well as detailed documentation of constructing an overhead line of 110 kv and substation of 110/6/6 kv were developed.


The planning project of Kuzbasskiy technopark, which is in Rudnichny district of Kemerovo city, and the design documentation on establishing external lines for the construction of Kuzbasskiy technopark group of buildings were developed by the order of the Regional Administration.

Karakanskiy-Zapadny open-pit mine, which is 35 km away from the city of Belovo, was commissioned as per the design project implemented by OJSC KuzbassGhiproShakht.


The Institute developed Technical- Economic Proposals for mineral resources development at Western and Eastern sites at the Western part of Ulug-Hemskiy coal basin in Republic of Tyva with more than 2 billion tons of coal reserves.

The Institute developed a feasibility study for construction of Sheregesh Tourist Complex which is a tourist recreational special economic zone in Kemerovo region.


A surface mining site belonging to OJSC Kuznetskinveststroy (Korchakolskiy open-pit coal mine) was commissioned as per the design made by OJSC KuzbassGhiproShakht.


A fundamental research “Analysis and assessment of the mineral resources base in Russian coal industry (Western Siberia)” was conducted under the Head of the Institute’s supervision.

Railway station Uba was designed under the Institute’s project and then commissioned.


Osinnikovskaya mine was commissioned under the Institute’s project. The mine was constructed on the basis of a site belonging to Kapitalnaya mine, which was closed down, to finish the development of the remaining reserves of high grade coking coals.



KuzbassGhiproShakht celebrated its 25-th anniversary. The following mines and open-pit mines were reconstructed under the Institute’s design projects: Yagunovskaya mine, Shushtalepskaya mine, Severny Maganak mine, S.M. Kirova mine, Komsomolets mine, E. Yaroslavskogo mine, and also Kedrovskiy, Baidaevskiy, Listvyanskiy and Mokhovskiy open-pit mines. Pervomaiskaya and Tayozhnaya mines as well as Chernigovskiy and Novokolbinskiy open-pit mines were built as per the Institute’s projects. 25 employees were awarded with the governmental awards. 21 employees got departmental awards. 3 workers became Full Cavaliers of the Sign of Mining Glory. 81 members of the staff were awarded the title of The Veteran of Labor of OJSC KuzbassGhiproShakht for working in the Institute for more than 20 years.

The Institute employed 700 people in 1975.

Design and construction management over a processing plant in Kerman, Iran was made.


The first civil facilities were commissioned as per our design projects, in particular, Central Municipal Clinical Hospital of Kemerovo City, KuzbassTISIz, etc.

Reconstruction of Kedrovskiy and Chernigovskiy open-pit mines was done under the Institute’s projects.


The Institute moved into a new 4-storey building in Pushkin Square, Kemerovo.

Mines in Anzhero-Sudzhensk and Beryozovskiy in Kemerovo Region were built according to the technical specifications prepared by the Institute.


The Institute was founded. The staff consisted of 108 people.


Reconstruction of Nalayha-Kapitalnaya mine, Mongolian People's Republic, according to our technical specifications, was the first step outside Kuzbass borders. Some employees got the awards from the Mongolian Government.


The first infrastructure facilities were commissioned on the basis of our design projects. They included: engine house, gas-drainage units, boiler houses, electrical substations, main lines, motorways, access roads to railways.

The Institute’s experts started to design open-pit mines in Kuzbass.